Monday/ Incheon airport

Here are more pictures from Saturday and Sunday’s trip and stop-over at Incheon airport in Seoul. I looked for a cool new Herm├Ęs scarf on display in one of the windows – like the ones I posted before – but couldn’t find any.

The signature Korean dish Bibimbab served on Asiana Airlines is always more fun than the Western meal ! Throw the rice in with some red pepper paste and sesame oil, mix it up - and enjoy.
Weather map of Korea for Saturday Jan 28 from the Korean Times .. COLD all over
There are no panda bears in Korea! but this look-alike at an Incheon airport store was nice enough to pose
Buy some stationary for that 'slow letter' says this store sign
World map with the local time at the Incheon airport concourse on the way to my gate for departure to Hong Kong
I'm making my way down from the gate to the 747 that took us to Hong Kong.

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