Tuesday/ the Big Freeze

Extremely cold air from Siberia moves in this time of year ..

We are at the point of ‘freezing’ our test system, the same way the little water fall in the pictures from NHK World TV’s weather report has been frozen.  At this point in an SAP project, all the moving parts of the Quality Assurance System come to a stop.  No more tweaks to the custom code we added, no more changes to the extracted data which will be converted, and even on-going little defect fixes have now been put on hold.   It’s not that the system is a house of cards that will collapse, but before you go to Production, you need to draw a line in the sand and say ‘This is it.  This is the car, the Magnificent Flying Machine, the solution – we built’.  We will go live (switch it on), and then after that any change to it is called Production Support.

.. and has resulted in accumulated snowfalls of almost 3m (9 ft)
.. frozen water falls (I don't know where in Japan this is)
.. snow, snow everywhere and nowhere to go with it !

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