Monday/ Taxi or Transit?

So .. I thought as I arrived back at Seattle-Tacoma airport on Monday : taxi or train?  Train is officially called ‘Central Link Light Rail’ (airport to downtown), and then I have to take the No 10 Bus from downtown to Capitol Hill to the closest stop two blocks from my house.    Since my luggage was manageable, and I wanted to see how it works out, I took the train.

Here is a comparison :

Would I do it again?  Hmm, yes – if I don’t have a ton of luggage for an overseas trip, and I have the time!

The pictures : The ‘toy’ planes (3,000 ft view) at Boeing Field airport, paper ticket if you’re a bad boy and left your Orca card at home, combination inside-outside picture of Beacon Hill’s underground station, brief glimpse of city skyline on one of the curves, route map that shows the train route going toward I-5 and then north to Seattle downtown from the airport.

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