Sunday/ north and back on the Pacific Surfliner

We took the Pacific Surfliner (it’s an Amtrak train) from Solana Beach station to San Juan Capistrano (only about 1/3 of the San Diego – Los Angeles rail line shown below.   The first picture shows the tracks at Solana Beach, then there is a map of San Juan Capistrano surroundings.   The emu is from a petting zoo right there (the emu is not for petting, though).   The southbound train was tardy, arriving 35 mins late, but was about 90% full.   The reactors are from San Onofre Nuclear Power Generating Station.  The starfish is from a tide pool on Solana Beach where there was a very low tide.   The sun sunk into the Pacific Ocean at 4.44pm already! so it was time to go.   And what looks like a lunar module from far away is a life guard station from closer up !



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