Tuesday/ Washington State icons

This little display is in the lobby downstairs in my company’s office building downtown.  (I forgot to note the artist).  The State is flanked by salmon (of course), and the Washington State Red Delicious apples*.   The trees at the top of the ‘Evergreen State’are probably Western Hemlock pine trees (the official Washington State tree).    Smith Tower (1914) is on the left, the Space Needle (1962) is on the right.  And I would hazard a guess that the little light bulbs are our volcanic mountains.

*From WIkipedia – In the 1980s, Red Delicious represented three-quarters of the harvest in Washington state.   A decade later, reliance on Red Delicious had helped to push Washington state’s apple industry to the edge.   In 2000, Congress approved and President Bill Clinton signed a bill to bail out the apple industry, after apple growers had lost $760 million since 1997.  Today the Red Delicious crop makes up only about a third of the apple production (still the largest proportion) along with other cultivars such as Cameo, Fuji and Gala.

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