Wednesday/ little Saturday at Jamjuree

Little Saturday is a Scandinavian concept that adds Wednesday to the list of ‘drinking days’.  We use the term sometimes in South Africa as well.   Six of us went to Jamjuree, a Thai restaurant on 15th Ave.    Singha beer is served everywhere in Thailand, and we always ask for it here in Jamjuree.   I love the golden lion on the label – Singha is indeed a mystical lion, found in ancient Hindu and Thai stories.     The food was delicious : red curry and fried rice with pineapple, wide rice noodles and coconut soup with chicken and mushroom.   I had to look how Bangkok is doing with the flood water that is still everywhere, and it looks as if it hasn’t really started to recede.    Click on the map or paste the link into a browser for a version of it that can be zoomed in and out.

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