Wednesday/ Writing Functional Specifications

We are (almost) done playing in our Sandbox system and now hard at work writing Functional Specifications.    Functional Specifications will be used to write Technical Specifications, and then SAP’s programming language will be used by our development team to write code.    But wait!  Is SAP not pre-coded, packaged software?  What needs to be coded, then?  Well, we are tweaking the way the standard system works so that the screens and the functions make for a better fit for the business environment.

So what could be tweaked, and what should be left as is?  Ahh : that could be a matter of fierce debate!  As an example : on the classic Work Order screen below, changes on the HeaderData tab’s layout should be avoided.    That is just too radical.  It will confuse users that have used SAP elsewhere, and make the Germans ask Was ist denn hier los?!  What is going on here?  if they are called on for bug fixes or support.  But it should be fine to have the system do additional checks for the accuracy of entered data, depending on which one of the ‘System Conditions’ was selected.

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