Wednesday/ Akihabara

It was rained all day Wednesday in the Tokyo metro area (picture from NHK TV station) and I had on-line work to do, but I still managed to run out to Akihabara.  It is also known as Akihabara Electric Town and located less than five minutes by rail from Tokyo Station.   As the name indicates, it is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku* goods, including new and used items.   *roughly translates as geek; a person with obsessive interests in anime, manga or video games.   The store is gigantic : 7 floors of Best Buy, Toys-R-Us and Office Depot stuff.   The displays in some areas are just overwhelming but the store is very well laid out and run.   The friendly guy in the picture explains how to measure your wrist size for watch straps, the blond anime girl is from the floor in the DVD/ CD section – why waste floor space if it can be put to good use to advertise the merchandise?   The last picture is from outside.  By then my shoes and socks were wet in spite of the umbrella I borrowed from the hotel and I called it quits and went back. 

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