Tuesday/ Akasaka

My first mission of the day was to find the Tokyo branch of the Japan Mint store to buy a 2011 Japan coin set, and I succeeded.  Most Japanese streets have no names! and the addressing system is quite different from Western ones.   It is near Higashi-Ikebukoro station and I had to ask for directions twice.   This is the entrance of the store.   (I will show the coin set later).

Next stop was Akasaka station.   There is a Noritake porcelain show room there that I wanted to check out (sneak picture of porcelain with gold leaf is from there).   The Akasaka area sustained heavy damage in WWII and has been newly rebuilt : and it shows.    I loved the spectacular curved vanishing-edge building with the diamond window panes.  The area is also full of shrines.   I walked to the east from the orange area to find the Hie Jinja Shrine (next two pictures).    Finally the obligatory self-picture in the subway mirror with my iPhone 4.  I see there is considerable disappointment at Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 4S (what? no iPhone 5?!).

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