Wednesday/ SAP for the iPhone

I discovered today that there is an app for that as well : accessing SAP on one’s iPhone and iPad*.   The screen shot is from Apple’s app store – the same SAP Easy Access menu I see here at work every day, except it’s in German ..  Büro is Office and Anwendingsübergeifende Komponenten would be Cross-Application Components!    SAP was founded in 1972 but the ‘SAP Easy Access’ menu only came about in 1999.   At the time SAP launched a project called ‘Enjoy SAP’ to improve the user interface and usabililty.   Part of this initiative was due to the large number of American companies complaining about SAP’s ease of use.   In SAP’s hallways this was referred to as ‘the American problem’.  

* Not that I’m loading it on my phone!  But it shows that companies running on SAP needing field workers to obtain or submit information to SAP could deploy it to iPhones and iPads.


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