Saturday/ LG washer and dryer

My new washing machine and dryer were delivered today and my friend Bryan was on hand to capture the inaugural wash !  The machines are made by the Korean company LG.  The washing machine uses ‘high efficiency’ detergent : low-sudsing and quick dispersing for use in low water volume machines.   It also holds the dirt in suspension so that it does not go back into the fabric; too much foam from regular detergent will interfere with this process.    So after I selected fabric and water temperature, the machine tumbles the load back and forth to figure out how much water to use (and it seems to use very little), and displays how long it will take.   The machine can also be programmed to start the wash at a later time.   Then it goes into the classic sequence of washing,  rinsing and spinning.   The spinning cycle is very smooth, and at the end a happy little tune comes forth to indicate it’s done.

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