Sunday/ SEA> FRA> LOS > JNB > CPT (!)

I am packing my bags for my trip to Cape Town, South Africa.   The itinerary breaks down as follows : 10 hrs on Lufthanza to Frankfurt, 6 hrs (Lufthanza) to Lagos, 6 hrs (South African Airways) to Johannesburg, 2 hrs (South African Airways) to Cape Town.   There were no seats left on the direct flight from Frankfurt to Cape Town and so the stop in Lagos, Nigeria (picture from the web) which is a first for me, is a little intimidating.   Even though the international terminal is modeled after Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, there were serious security problems at the airport until 2001.    For example, travelers arriving being harassed inside and outside the airport terminal by criminals, immigration officers requiring bribes before stamping passports and customs agents demanding payment for nonexistent fees.

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