Saturday/ Starbucks headquarters

I stopped by the Starbucks Center today in the SoDo (south of downtown) neighborhood, part of the industrial district.  The world headquarters for Starbucks, it is the largest building by floor space in Seattle, with over 1,800,000 sq ft (167,000 m2).   It is also both the largest and oldest building in the country with a national green certification.    I checked out the washers and dryers on offer at Sears next door, and I liked the LG models (hmm .. are the cherry red models on sale because of the color, or because of other shortcomings?).     The Amazon truck is on Madison Avenue on the way home.   (Odd to see DVDs on the short list with bread, milk and eggs!).    Finally, the quote on the lamp post by my gym is from JFK’s inaugural speech in 1960 — a statement sorely tested this weekend with the on-going talks in Washington DC about the debt-ceiling and the debt and what expenditures to cut.

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