Friday/ unpacking

Here are most of my trip’s little souvenirs and ‘acquisitions’ that came out of my suitcases.   ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’-themed porcelain plate and Doraemon-the-robotic-cat coin bag are from the Japanese department store Sogo in Hong Kong.   The mini-display case, bone china mug and grey rescued cotton* shirt are from Muji, another Japanese store.   The white Puma t-shirts are X-L (yes – I am big and burly by Asian clothing standards! Watch out, don’t make me mad!)     The books, CDs and ‘nano-block’ Tokyo Tower were bought in Tokyo.   (I still have to build the tower, of course).

*also called ‘ochiwata’, it is essentially the material left over in the weaving processes that use cotton threads.

Finally, the last item was given to me by a colleague, which I was very grateful for : these were handed out at the go-live celebration, but there was not enough available to give one to each team member.     It is a laser-etched glass model of Areva’s CPR-1000 Pressurized Water Reactor.    These are the reactors that we built our enterprise resource planning system for.

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