Saturday/ Lamma island

The luxurious fabric for suits or jackets is cashmere from Inner Mongolia*.   I snapped a picture of it in its display case at a high-end tailor in Central District where I went with a colleague.    Since I bought suits and jackets before starting on the project I felt I didn’t want to spend more money on those and ordered a few shirts instead.    I will show them off when I get them back !

Then we took a ferry to Lamma Island.  The fare was only HKD14.5, not even US$2 .. and what a relief the air-conditioned cabin was from the heat and humidity!   On my previous outing there (blog entry of Mar 28, 2010) we stopped at Yung Shue Wan pier and walked across the narrow north-end of the island to Luk Chau Wan.   This time we were lazy and just stayed put and checked in at a seafood restaurant.   The fish they served us was very fresh and very good.    The little structure is also in Yung Shue Wan village and looks like a temple inside with incense, but I don’t know its name.     The hand-drawn posters advertising ice cream is from a shop on the main street.

*There are reports of protests by ethnic Mongolians in the Hong Kong newspapers.   (China has 55 ethnic minorities and they account for only 8% of the population).   A shepherd was recently killed by a coal truck driver (I think it was an accident).   The Han Chinese in the area still outnumber the Mongolians by 5 to 1 in spite of a long standing exemption from the central government’s one-child-per-family policy.

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