Sunday/ the newspaper on the train

This is the scene from my train ride back to the mainland border on Sunday.  It’s always nice to have the reflection in the window to work with so you don’t have to scare strangers by taking their picture!   There was an Oriental Daily Sunday newspaper on the seat next to me (known for its sensational style and often gory pictures, says Wikipedia).     

So there was news of the 2011 NBA final (the Dallas Mavericks won and that is Dirk Nowitski exchanging Cantonese words with the Miami Heat players*), there’s the jockey cursing at his poor horse, and there is the 2011 Year of the Rabbit wabbit in the weather forecast.      And check out the classifieds – I love the cryptic look of the classifieds page.

*I had trouble finding a translator here at work since it’s Cantonese and not Mandarin, but he’s essentially saying ‘One of me is enough for three of you’ and they are replying ‘You’re playing with fire’.

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