Monday/ the Great Doughnut Hunt

Monday’s mission was to find some doughnuts and bagels in Hong Kong for the SAP go-live here in Daya Bay.    So here are the highlights of the events that led to the delightful sight of pink-sprinkly and chocolate-with-nuts frosted doughnuts.     The doughnut shop in Lan Kwai Fong we found on the internet went out of business some time ago.    So, off to the nearest Starbucks.   It had all of 8 doughnuts (we needed forty-8!).   Well – we’ll take all 8, we said.   Something is better than nothing.    And would they know where to get more?  Or when is the next delivery?  There is a factory in the city but they only deliver again at 3 pm.   It would have been best to order one day ahead.   But the barista was very helpful, offering to call other Starbuckses and tracking down more for us.   Well – we didn’t have time to go to 6 other Starbuckses in the city!   So we remembered a Marks & Spencer store down on Queens Rd., and off we went.   The store’s food dept was in the basement.   As we made our way through the underwear department which was also down there, we went .. hmm, what are the chances of any doughnuts down here?   But sure enough, they had a bakery and there they were,  in the display case (pictures).    And they had plenty more in the deep freezer.   Turns out they keep them there and defrost them a dozen at a time – otherwise the frosting goes gooey in the humid Hong Kong atmosphere.    Alright! we said.  4 dozen frozen ones, please !   Mission accomplished.    (Soon after that we learned of the news of the big mission from the US Marines that had been accomplished as well).

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