Thursday/ instant noodles with tonkotsu flavor

What’s for dinner in the hotel room if one is too tired to go out?   Why – instant noodles, of course!     Add boiling water, let it steep for 3 minutes and it’s ready!   Tonkotsu flavor is pork bone broth flavor (or an imitation of that? doesn’t matter, it’s tasty and good).   My research shows that instant noodles were invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, the Taiwanese-Japanese founder and chairman of Nissin Foods (same as my noodle  cup’s brand), now run by his son Koki Ando.   

A final note :  instant noodles was named the greatest Japanese invention of the 20th century in a Japanese poll.    (Source : Wikipedia.   It did not say which other inventions the instant noodle competed with).

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