Tuesday/ Shenzhen Museum and Civic Plaza

Since I had Tuesday off (due to Monday’s night shift) I went back to where I was on Sunday : the Shenzhen Library and Concert Hall.    (I bought a silver coin with a rabbit on.   I will show it tomorrow).    So the first picture is of the Shenzhen Library.    Remember the building with the wavy roof?    It houses the Shenzhen Museum, and check out the second picture – made me think the building is galloping towards me, very cool.   It was designed by architect Li Mingyi, built by the Shenzhen QiXin Construction Group and completed in 2004.     The small picture is an artist’s rendition.   It shows the entire structure which I couldn’t into a single picture, so I covered it from left to right with three pictures.    The Civic Plaza from where I took these three pictures has big and small light fixtures powered by solar energy.     I don’t know the names of the other glitzy new glass and steel buildings, but the last picture is of the Children’s  Palace.   It’s a science museum but it was very much closed on Tuesday night.

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