Sunday/ at Narita airport

I’m on solid ground here in the airport lounge and happy to report nothing is a-wry.   I got my boarding pass as well.  It’s an All Nippon Airlines flight masquerading as a Continental flight that will take me to Hong Kong.    I snapped all the pictures the last hour or so.   Oh, no Tin tin books but I did get two Doraemon books from which I will post some pictures later.

The pictures :  I’m at Terminal 1, the International terminal / view outside of Terminal 1/ set your watch to Japan time, 16 hrs ahead of Seattle time/  the Narita aiport mascot points to something / my childhood favorite Kit Kat candy bars are available in green tea and wasabi flavor here / the red lettering ‘K’S COFFEE SHOP’ looks like Starbucks but its not, it’s Beck’s Coffee Shop /  ever seen a paper hippopotamus?  it’s from the origami art store, as is the scene from Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf !  he heh / check out the tuft of hair that the Gap Japan dude is sporting / and a Newsweek magazine showing 3.11 (as the day of the earthquake became known)

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