Monday/ all systems go

The ice cream was a welcome little snack we got on the plane ride in to Hong Kong.     It was 1 am by the time I checked into the Pattaya Hotel in Dameisha (view from my balcony this morning) .. my driver and I again had long waits at the border crossings out of Hong Kong and into mainland China (this is at 12 midnight on a Sunday night !).     We also run into a lot of  traffic into work this morning.    Someone said a journalist from Hong Kong to demonstrated recently that almost anyone can get into the main security entrance gate and that there has been a crackdown and every vehicle is now checked.

So here at the work site the final upload sequence into the live SAP production system (as we call it) has started.   It’s all systems go!  and all hands on deck!  for the teams.     Wish us well !

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