Monday/ Li Bai 李白

It’s the birthday of the famous Chinese poet Li Bai (he lived from 701 to 762) ‘The Sage of Intoxication’.  So it’s the 1310th anniversary (picture from Google’s China home page).  The poet is regarded with the same reverence in the East as Shakespeare is in the West.   His hometown is Jiangyou in Sichuan province.   I actually looked up one of his poems called ‘Difficulties in Traveling’ and ran it through Google Translator, but the results were uninspring.  It takes a poet to translate poetry!

Here is the foggy view from where we were waiting for the bus this morning.   The stone elephant and blue hue is from the Pattaya Hotel next to my apartment.  Two more work days then I get to go home!

Finally, the Kingkey Finance Center Plaza that I mentioned yesterday was hiding in plain sight on a photo of the Panasonic building.   I will post better pictures of it now that I know it’s there!  but here’s a glimpse.   It’s going to reach 440m (1440ft) and have 97 floors.

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