Saturday/ packing and The Packers

Yes, it’s time for trip #10 to Hong Kong and mainland China.   I applied for a Global Entry pass (costs $100) .. US Customs does a background check before approving it.   Then upon arrival back in the USA at 20 ports of entry so far (Seattle is one of them), the traveler can bypass the passport check points and just have the Global Entry machine scan the card.

Meanwhile the reports say that Google received 75,000 applications for the 6,000 jobs the company plans to add this year.   Should I apply?  (I think I should).

And with the Superbowl coming up on Sunday, the Jay Leno Show is predicting that the winner will be the Greenbay Packers.   A Jack Russel terrier (very fond of biting balloons, are they all like that?) was let loose among an equal number of black (Pittsburgh Steelers) and yellow (Greenbay Packers) balloons.   The last one to pop was a yellow one!

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