Friday/ around Capitol Hill

These pictures were all taken with my iPhone.     I’m still learning how to use it.  Today I discovered the zoom function is activated by brushing one’s finger across the bottom of the preview picture !  And my fat finger is in the way in the photo of Caffe Vita Coffeehouse’s neon sign.   (I had dinner earlier in the week next door at the gastropub* restaurant Quinn).    Neon signs and night scenes are tricky and the lighting has to be adjusted manually, something the phone camera cannot do.   But I had better luck with the Pilsner Urquell beer sign.   The two apartment buildings are on Denny Way.  I stayed for two years in the newer yellow and tan one when I first came to Seattle in 2000.     The Twice Sold Tales bookstore is just up the block from there.   And then on Broadway – as always when walking by – I checked on the progress of the construction of the Capitol Hill light rail train station.   There is a yellow-clad human figure on the left in the middle of the picture.

*term used in a review; I guess it means fancy pub food : )

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