Friday/ heading out tonight !

We had a great Christmas dinner hosted by our client company at the Expatriate Village here next to the power plant.    There were several French countrymen attending as well – some of which had been here a long time already with the first of the units put in operation back in 1994 !   The French guy sitting next to me worked at Koeberg (South Africa’s only nuclear power plant) and (of course) liked the South African wines : ).    Most of the US team members are heading out today.     We are squishing in as much work as we can, handing over some responsibilities to our PwC China colleagues to hold the fort while we are away over the Christmas break (there is no Christmas in China, really – and the Chinese New Year is only in February ). 

Pictures : 1.  Dameisha bus stop this morning at 6.30am.  Some road-side trees on the right were blown over by the storm wind of Wed night.   2.  The stuffed Santa Claus himself got blown over, but was back at his post by the Expatriate Village this morning.   3.  Interesting diamond-shaped casing on a new administrative building close to where we work.

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