Saturday/ Christmas decorations

It should be no surprise that Christmas is embraced by the retail industry even though it’s a holiday with no religious significance in this part of the world.   So here are some pictures from Saturday.

Love Christmas, Love Hong Kong (and spend money in the process, of course!).   Don’t want to pay your supertaxes? Off to jail with you. (Looks like the rich are off the hook with paying super taxes in the USA anyway!).   These Monopoly floor decorations in Central Station is for a promotion by McDonalds.   Yes, they still sell the board game in the stores.    Tai Koo station is far out east on the Island Line and there I found a nice store called Muji (behind me in the reflection) with Japanese products.     I bought a white bone china dinner plate – to actually use in my apartment.   US$20 for the plate instead of US$1 for a cheap porcelain plate in China BUT the China plates are not flat – it’s really a shallow bowl. AND it’s not bone China, see?  The little toys clamoring for their escape is a scene straight from a Toy Story movie, also at this mall.

Click on the Visa billboard picture to get the original big size one and check it out.   Surprisingly, no USA icons : no Statue of Liberty, no Golden Gate Bridge.  What’s up with that, Visa?   The staid and uppity Peninsula Hotel did a good job of its Christmas decorations – the snowflakes seem to float in 3D since they are suspended by thin black cables.   Picture of a ‘Betty Boop’/ modern worldly girl that needs no handsome prince (is that him in the moonlight? no, looks like a monkey on the horse!) from the Peninsula Arcade next door.   Finally two pictures from the mall in International Finance Centre 2.    (Did Pinocchio play a trumpet in the original story?  I don’t recall that he did).

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