Friday/ in Hong Kong

It’s Friday and I didn’t think I’d make it to Hong Kong : we all really thought we would be grounded and ordered to work this weekend.     We start the first round of system testing on Monday and we were struggling to get everything in place, 12 hour workdays notwithstanding.     But there we were, in the van : Willem, Will and William.   I hitched a ride to Hong Kong airport with the other two Wills.   The first picture shows a road sign in Shenzhen with live traffic densities, the second just another Shenzhen building.    Mickey Mouse in his Santa outfit is from a giant wall mural in Hong Kong train station, and the final picture is inside the train just before the last stop.   For the last few blocks to the Marriott Courtyard I took the tram even though I had some luggage to handle, since the taxis were in short supply.

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