Sunday/ change in plans

My travel back to China has been pushed out by a week, so that I can attend corporate training here in Seattle.   I see United Airlines and Continental Airlines will merge towards the end of 2010.  It’s a ‘merger of equals’.   But what will the new planes look like?  Well, below is an artist’s rendition. (It wasn’t me spending two hours Photoshopping!)    The Continental gold and blue graphics will be kept and be replaced with the word United – so the new airline will be called United Airlines.

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  1. This seems to violate the laws of logos and branding.. Imagine Taking the Ford logo and adding the Chevrolet bow tie. That is essentially what they’ve tried to do. The tragedy is both companies have great logos on their own. Putting them together destroys them both. All you can do is look at this plane and say, something very confusing is going on here.

    1. You’re right .. I flew on Continental many times last year to Houston, and it’s jarring to see the familiar blue and gold with the ‘United’ lettering. They need to increase their ‘branding’ or ‘public image’ budget and do something original !

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