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Yes, it’s still Thursday in Seattle.   I’m posting two belated pictures from the Dragon Boat Festival taken from newspapers at Hong Jong airport, since I could not be there in person.  (Click on them to make them bigger). The first one is from a small bay on Lantau Island (site of Hong Kong airport).  The next one is from Longtan Park in Beijing. The ritual claims to pacify wandering ghosts and bring prosperity to residents.

The Asiana Airlines bird sitting on the tarmac brought us to Seoul; the next picture is again from a newspaper, showing the Incheon (Seoul) airport building’s current crescent shape; expansion plans are already in the works.  My flights went without incident or delays, and the food was top notch.  Next to me sat a 19 yo Korean student coming to Seattle.  She must have well-to-do parents, flying business class!

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