Thursday/ on the way home

Sometimes the nice thing about getting on a long international flight is that one is out of reach :  no Blackberry.  So no e-mail, no phone calls, no text messages.    Yes !  I’m flying back the way I came : Hong Kong to Seoul, Seoul to Seattle.

This article in yesterday’s newspaper says there was an ‘insignificant’ increase in radiation at the Daya Bay nuclear plant probably caused by an improperly sealed fuel rod in one of the reactors.  There are more than 41,000 fuel rods in the two pressurized water reactors.   The incident happened on May 23 (so I was not there at the time).   The reactor is only 50 km from Hong Kong and critics are saying that the incident should have been reported immediately.

Picture is from the Marriott Skycity Hotel, in the elevator lobby on the 8th floor.

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