I just ran downstairs to go see the national anthems played for the Slovenia- USA match.  Very touching, the camera panning over the faces of the players while the music plays.   I loved the US fans holding up the pics of Lincoln and Washington, and the two dressed up as Elvis.  Can’t get more American than that, right? LOL!

The weather is still cool in Seattle even though summer solstice is at hand.   This morning I have to run out to a sale at Nordstrom’s and see if I can pickup one or two more short sleeve shirts.

Two pictures from The Korea Times I picked up on the flight yesterday.  South Korean defender Cha Du-ri is a national darling, and parodied as part human, part robot.  Here is the link

And here is a cartoon of the oil spill – reaching the outer rings of Saturn.  Ouch.  It makes me flinch every time I read or hear about it.

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