Tuesday/ in Hong Kong

The dragon-boat races are only tomorrow, and I have to go to work tomorrow so I will miss it.  Aargh.  But here are some pictures from yesterday.  It’s very warm and very humid, so the shopping malls and the subway is a welcome respite from that!

The pictures from top to bottom :

Nike bill-board that says you will be an immortal if you score a World Cup goal.  Can you make the numbers on the defenders’ backs go to zero?  Scroll down for the answer.

Clock tower built in 1991 for Hong Kong Park near the base of the Bank of China building.   Check out the vanishing edge that ‘cuts’ the air.    I guess that’s what makes the feng shui critics hate the building.    I love it, so I guess I’m a feng shui barbarian.

The next pictures show the man-made pond in the park, and a koi.  I want to be a lazy koi in my next life.

Next picture shows me in the small lobby on the 43rd floor of the Bank of China building.  The 70th floor deck at the top is accessible only by appointment.   The next picture is the view,  looking down on the area by the Star ferry terminal that runs north to Kowloon; lots of construction going on there.

Is this building – it’s called the Lippo Center – ugly or beautiful?  You decide.

Samsung has demonstration stations in the subway for their new 3D LED TV.   I didn’t get to take a look, though.

This neon-lined building is close to Central Station; I don’t know the name.   And the ubiquitous red Hong Kong taxi is in the bar and restaurant area a little more up the hillside also close in the Central district.  This is where all the expats come and party.  The World Soccer Cup is an extra incentive – as if they needed one !  See all the flags? – but no South African flag, so boo for you Carlsberg!  Watch it, I will stop drinking your beer.

Answer : 11 18 9 7 3 goes to 7 9 2 4 which goes to 2 7 2 which goes to 5 5 .. which goes to ZERO !

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