Monday/ in Hong Kong

I took the coach bus from the Sheraton Dameisha to Hong Kong last night.   The 7-11 poster picture is for little 2010 World Cup key chain guys.  Very cute.   No 11 is South Africa, but that’s about all I know.  I couldn’t get an overview of the teams’ shirt colors on the FIFA website.  And do they change into different colors if they play another team with a similar shirt color?  I think they do!

Below is this morning’s view of Hong Kong harbor from the Marriott Courtyard on the 19th floor where I stay.  I am on Hong Kong Island looking north to Kowloon.  And if I may, can I make you jealous of my breakfast?  That’s a samoosa (a potato-stuffed pastry, I am using the South African spelling where they are also popular), a fried tomato, corn, yellow zucchini, scrambled egg, two pork dim sum and the Hong Kong version of a zongzi.

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