Sunday/ the Dragon Boat Festival

The Duanwu Festival (Chinese: 端午節), also known as Dragon Boat Festival,  is a traditional and statutory holiday associated with Chinese and other east/southeast Asian societies.    It is a public holiday in Taiwan, where it is known by the Mandarin name Duānwǔ Jié,  as well as in Hong Kong and Macau,  where it is known by the Cantonese name Tuen Ng Jit.   In 2008, the festival was restored in China as an official national holiday.

Three of the most widespread activities for Duanwu Festival are eating (and preparing) zongzi, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats.   A zongzi is a glutinous rice dumpling in bamboo leaf with a meaty filling.   Below is the one I got at work here.   The wrapping can also be triangular.

I am headed to Hong Kong tonight for the Chinese holidays which are Mon and Tue (our weekend got shifted to synch up with the local schedule).   So I will go look for more zongzi , and see if there is any Dragon Boat racing to check out as well !

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