Thursday night

Picture from Wed night : mantou or Chinese steamed buns which we had for dessert.   These have a glaze on – they can also come in just plain white.  I posted a picture of them before, remember? .. I was not quick enough to take a picture before one had been nabbed already! and the sweet dipping sauce was not enough so they brought us more.

Picture from Thu morning waiting for the bus :  nice flowers on a shrub that looks a little like a South African katjiepiering; I should have leaned in and smelled it to tell if it was – and I didn’t.

Picture from Thu morning at work : Yes! that’s a California navel orange.  I know I shouldn’t buy California oranges in China but I need my Vitamin C, see?  And the black bean-flavored soy milk next to it is NOT as delicious as it looks!  I will stick to chocolate-flavored soy milk next time.

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