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I will let the pictures tell what I was up to this weekend.   I finally found the best way to get to Hong Kong : there is a luxury coach bus that leaves from the Sheraton Hotel and lets all of us go through the border, and picks us up again on the other side : very convenient.   Yes, it costs a whopping ¥75 (US$10) compared with ¥12 (US$2) for the municipal bus, but it’s worth it.

Pictures from the top : second visit to the Peak station, this time provided a very nice view of the city below.   Artsy display with T-Rex and Vitamin water at Peak station store; not sure what the connection is though.   Got me some Marmite at an international grocery store in Kowloon.  It was positioned between the American equivalent, Spam spread (didn’t know there was spam spread) , and the Australian : Vegemite !   How about some black-skinned chicken?  What makes the skin black? I don’t know.   Yes, the iPad is for sale here even though Apple says it is not : ).   It runs HK$5,000 (US$625) – too pricey to take a gamble on and buy here.  And the packaging looks a little suspect.  Poster from the department store SOGO.  It’s their 25th anniversary.   The two symbols for the Chinese ‘Thank You’ (third from the left) is pronounced  ‘shee-shee’.   Blurry over-the-heads steal picture I took in the night club Volume on Saturday night.   The dance floor was actually too crowded for any dancing.  You just drink your beer or cocktail and ogle all the people.   And listen to Lady Gaga singing Pokerface.

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  1. Yes – air pollution in Hong Kong is considered a serious problem, as is the case in most cities in China, of course. They are working at improving it, though. For example, all HK taxis and many buses now run on LPG, and it is illegal for drivers to leave their engines running if they get out of their vehicles.

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