Friday/ black sesame

How about a black sesame green tea latte?  (The sign is from Starbucks at Hong Kong airport).  So!  I wondered : is there even such a thing as black sesame? Well, there is.   Black sesame soup is a popular Chinese dessert that can be widely found throughout China and Hong Kong.   In traditional Chinese medicine black sesame is thought to be beneficial for the liver and kidneys.

Since there is a rumor that we will start working Saturdays from next weekend, I’m heading out to Hong Kong tonight.  My friend Doug from Seattle will be there to say hello to, as well a group of people from work.    My Chinese colleagues chided me for going to Hong Kong when I could have gone to Ghangzou (4 hrs by train from Shenzhen) .. well, it takes preparation and some extra time to tackle that for a weekend travel project.     It’s been a rough 4 days at work with more to come next week, so it will be nice to go to the Marriott Courtyard and its neighborhood that I know well by now.   I love the little 7-11 store downstairs with its great selection of snacks and drinks, and some English newspapers and magazines to boot as well.

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