Wednesday/ Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!  A group of party animals from work went in to Shenzhen to an Irish pub tonight.   I was tempted to go but it’s a school night, and I had a long day of work sessions.   Tomorrow is the first day I will get time to catch up on all the other work I couldn’t get to.   I also have to pack my things : I am moving to a single apartment.  It will be great to have a little more space and a quieter time in the evening and on the weekend away from my two roommates.

I still check out all the grocery products, foreign and well-known brands, in the little store here at the apartment complex every time I go there.   So in the spirit of St Patrick’s Day (the Irish and potatoes), here’s three Chinese flavors of Lay’s chips not found in the USA : cucumber, blueberry and .. American classic flavor !

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