Tuesday’s Dead

Tuesday’s Dead is the name of a song on Teaser and the Firecat, an album released by Cat Stevens in 1971.   It’s the floormat with Tuesday on it in the elevator of our building that made me think of it.   A lot of work it is, to change out the floormat every day of the week, not?  And is the week such a blur that the office workers need reminding that today is actually Tuesday? : )  And why does 星期 二 translate to Tuesday?  Well, it’s ‘small period of time, the second’.       I didn’t do too badly sleep-wise last night, but I am still tired.  So off to bed with me.

星   xīng   star / satellite / small amount;    期 qī  a period of time / phase / stage;  二 èr  two / 2

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