Most St Patrick’s Day partiers that went to McCauly’s Pub in Shenzhen were missing on the early bus this morning (we have an early bus and a late bus).   The pub serves up a mean shepherd’s pie, I’m told, and was packed.    I usually finish up my breakfast at my desk (the yogurt cup’s lid has a folded spoon in, see?).   Lunch time in the cafeteria still offers up new dishes from time, such as the steamed egg below the chopsticks (it has the consistency of flan), the rest is familiar fare : chicken leg, cauliflower and fried rice.  The drink is tea-flavored milk.

I’m looking forward to get the blueprint phase over with so we can get busy building the new system in SAP.    It’s a new version of SAP with new bells and whistles.  So the SAP elephant can be made to dance a few new steps.

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