Tuesday/ Hong Kong at night

Tsim Sha Tsui : still my ‘favorite’ Hong Kong station name. And the new stations does not feature the little mosaic tiles on the walls.
This is inside the Landmark Atrium mall in Central District. Nevermind that Christmas Day has come and gone – the mall is still using its elaborate display to draw shoppers. (The stores are empty, though. I felt sorry for the bored shop assistants).
Bank buildings in the Admiralty district, lit up. From left to right: the Bank of China building, the Cheung Kong Center, the Agricultural Bank of China, the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Main Center, the Standard Chartered Bank.
Nearby, the City Hall Public Library was in on the action as well (of lighting up its building with changing colors on the different floors and cells).
And here is a late night photo shoot taking place on the quiet streets in Central District by the designer stores. By day the sidewalks are packed with pedestrians, and the streets filled with buses, cars and trams.

Here are pictures from my late night venture into Central District.  It’s been four years since I have walked around in the city. The city continues to add to its already staggering inventory of skyscrapers, and there seems to be more Starbucks coffee shops around than ever; some of them just hole-in-the-wall take out locations.

One can now get to the Marriott Courtyard a little easier with the westward extension of the Island Line. Ironically, the hotel is right in between two new stops .. so still a good 10 minute walk from either station.   The old street trams are still running, though; some of them now nicely refurbished on the inside with new seats.


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