Monday/ travel information off-line

The Google calendar app on my phone looks gorgeous with the pictures and little maps that it puts on the calendar.   (It draws the information from e-mail confirmations from the airline or the hotel).
I put all my apps in one folder. The iBooks folder is for a few off-line maps of the Tokyo subway that I could only get in .pdf format. All my other documents and maps are in a photo album titled Dec 2016.

I’m still getting better at using my iPhone for preparing for upcoming trips. (Later this week I will travel to Perth, Australia for Christmas, with a stop in Tokyo on the way there).

I’m also trying to rely less on getting a local cell phone signal, to pull up the information that I need.  So I have made sure I see my flights and hotel stays in airplane mode on my Google calendar, and made a calendar-view paper print-out to boot.   I have also put the apps I will use in one place, and even created flight reservation and hotel details as ‘pictures’, and put those in an off-line photo album folder.

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