Monday/ direct flights to Africa 🌍

Airbus has released the results of a study that documents which air routes to African cities are underserved (extracts from the report below).

Factors at play are constraints on the number of flights due to bilateral agreements that are in place, challenges with capacity at airports, and economic variables such as the profitability of these routes.

Just in general, Airbus reports that the expectation is for air travel worldwide to increase by about 4.1% over the next 20 years, which would mean some 1,180 new aircraft need to be built, and 15,000 additional pilots would be needed.

It looks like Johannesburg is seen by Airbus to be adequately served by direct flights from Europe, but that a few more direct flights from Europe to Cape Town should be added.
Is it technically possible to fly direct from Seattle to Cape Town (10,200 miles)? I’m not sure it is. Maybe.
From, as of Aug. 2023: At the moment, the world’s longest nonstop flight is the route between New York and Singapore. With a calculated distance of 15,349 km (9,537 miles) and almost 19 hours of flying, the route operated by Singapore Airlines is the longest in the world.


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