Sunday/ 👀 Tesla spotting

Three amigos went out to Bellevue South station to ride the 2 Line light rail train today, and to check out the parking lot at the Tesla Service Center nearby at the Tesla Service Center in Bellevue.

The current end of the 2 Line, Redmond Technology Center station.
Hey! I spotted my first Tesla Cybertruck in ‘the wild’.
This is on Bel-Red Road between Overlake and Bellevue.
At the Tesla Service Center in Bellevue. (Red, white and blue for Memorial Day weekend, right?).
The Cybertruck has a custom after-market matt black wrap on that goes well with the black trim and wheels of the truck.
Heading back home, and crossing Lake Washington with Interstate 90’s floating bridge. The thick blue line on the display means the Full Self Driving (Supervised) function is active.

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