Thursday/ a jaunt to downtown 🏙

I had lunch at the Washington Athletic Club on Sixth Avenue today, and then stopped by the Seattle Public Library.

Beautiful blue skies and 74°F (23 °C) is what we had today here in the city.
Fifteenth Ave E where I had planned to depart from is in rough shape, and the No 10 bus stop by Republican St is non-existent for now. (I walked down to the corner of 15th and John to the next stop).
Now entering downtown on the No 10 bus, and here is the new part of the expanded Seattle Convention Center.
This lovely lounge is on the second floor in the US Bank Building, part of the whole Cedar Hall public space renovation there. (Not many people around, and the vendor spaces for espresso and pastry shops downstairs are still mostly empty).
Done with lunch and now I’m making my way to the Seattle Central Library.
This is the IBM Building at 1200 Fifth Avenue, designed by renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki in 1964. The 20-story building features twelve stone arches, an elegant spiral staircase and a glass-enclosed and newly renovated, modern lobby.
Another view of the arches of the IBM Building. That’s Fifth Avenue ahead.
Seattle Public Library building with its 11 floors, and glass and steel ‘diamonds’ exterior, opened to the public 20 years ago, on May 23, 2004.
I always feel compelled to take a picture when I take the escalator upstairs with the neon lighting and neon-yellow paint.
I spent a little time going back in time (to the 50s, 60s and 70s) by checking out a few vintage magazines on Level 6 of the Books Spiral (a walkway that spirals from one floor to the next at almost imperceptible incline, with access to rows of bookshelves).

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