Wednesday/ a cleaner downtown 🏙️

I was in Seattle downtown yesterday, and took a few pictures.
There is still a surprising number of empty storefronts along 4th and 5th Avenue, but at least the streets are clean (of trash), which is great.

There’s a giant heron on the wall in this parking lot off 6th Avenue.
McGraw Square, the downtown stop and terminal station for the South Lake Union Streetcar.
The big Bartell drug store on the corner of the Medical Dental Building on the left has closed down, and there is nothing in its place.
There goes the monorail train, on its way to the Space Needle.
Boarded-up storefronts all along 5th Avenue. The GAP clothing store on the corner behind me is long gone (now occupied by a Ben Bridges watch and jewelry store), as is the Banana Republic clothing store on the far corner ahead of me.
Built in 1973, the 19-story Hilton Motif Seattle holds more than 250,000 square feet, including 36,000 square feet of event space. Originally a Red Lion hotel, the property’s branding and ownership has changed multiple times over the last decade.
Close by, are the 1977 Rainier Tower (far) and the 2020 Rainier Square Tower. Presumably the Ranier Square Tower has been mostly filled up with residents, but the PCC grocery store in its basement closed down in January, less than two year after opening.

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