Friday/ a blast from the past 📻

My friend is hoping to find someone to help her restore this Loewe Opta vacuum tube radio from the 1950s to a working condition.
It was made by the Loewe AG company based in Berlin, Germany.
In addition to the front speaker, ones are found on each side to create an early version of “3D sound”.

This model already has connections for turntables, loudspeakers, a VHF antenna, and a diode plug for recording radio transmissions on tape, on the back.

The vacuum tube radio Loewe Opta Meteor Plastik 781W, manufactured circa 1955
Plastik refers to its sound qualities, not the materials it is made of.
Dimensions 600 mm (24 in) x 400 mm (16 in) x 280 mm (11 in). Weight 12,3 kg (27 lbs).

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