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Tesla has not yet announced any plans to bring the their electric vehicles to South Africa.  EV models from Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Volvo are available in South Africa.

These car companies are leading the charge to build out the EV charging network in the country, and a total of some 280 public charging stations are currently available.

BMW owners with a BMW Charging card charge for free at all BMW Retailer chargers in South Africa. Here is a BMW iX3 that I found today, being charged at a public charging station at Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria.
This EV charger uses a Type 2 cable and plug— the standard for European and Asian vehicles from 2018 onwards. It’s a triple-phase plug and can charge at a level of up to 43 kW.
If I read the BMW website information correctly, this wall box delivers about 11 kW. It will take 1h 38 mins for a range of 100 km (62 miles).
South Africa’s EV charging network currently has 280 public charging stations, half of which are clustered in the Johannesburg-Pretoria area.
It seems to me it’s definitely possible to drive from Cape Town to Johannesburg— with careful planning, and patience.
It’s just not going to be possible to make the trip in 12 hours the way one does with an ICE car.

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