Sunday/ Wynnam Mangrove 🌱

Wynnum Station is as close as one can get to the shoreline with the train. It’s a 15 min walk to the beach, and then another 10 or so to Wynnum Mangrove.


There are beautiful fig trees next to the footpath that leads to the Wynnum Mangrove boardwalk.
The boardwalk is about 500 m (546 yards) long.
High tide was still a few hours away when I was there this afternoon, so I suspect this area is under water at high tide.  This intertidal zone along the shoreline is either flooded or soaking wet, and the vegetation tolerate the brackish water well enough to flourish.
A beautiful leaf, but I have not been able to identify the type of tree that it belongs to.
Hello beautiful bird! A rainbow lorikeet, one of six or so in a tree in the suburbs of Wynnum.
Here comes the train. I am on Wynnum station on the Shorncliffe Line. The train would take me to back Park Road station where I had set out from earlier. 

It was time for me to make a run out to the Pacific Ocean*. (My brother’s car from Perth has arrived, and we will drive up north to the Sunshine Coast as soon as we have a sunny day).

*Technically, I was looking out over Moreton Bay and the Coral Sea, but it’s all connected to the Pacific Ocean.

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