Tuesday/ four courts of doubles tennis 🥎

I hosted the Seattle Tennis Alliance social doubles tennis at Lower Woodland Park tonight.
The host welcomes everyone at 7 pm, and then dispatch the 16 players to the 4 courts which we had reserved for 2 hours from the City.

To figure out which four groups (of four players each) would work best, I divvied up the 16 players into four imaginary skill levels of four players each.  It’s not an exact science, but I know most of the players and assigned the best four to Level 1, the next four to Level 2, and then to Level 3 and Level 4.

The hard work done, the rest comes easy:
Court 5: L1 player & L2 player vs. L1 player & L2 player
Court 6: L3 & L4 vs. L3 & L4
Court 7: L1 & L2 vs. L1 & L2
Court 8: L3 & L4 vs. L3 & L4

Social tennis players are notoriously intolerant of players far below their own skill level, so it’s best to avoid having say, Level 1 and Level 4 players on the same court. The worst of all is to have three Level 1 players and one Level 4 player on the same court, or the other way around.

Here’s the action on Court 5 at Lower Woodland Park, with Court 6 on the far side. The flood lights are OK, but not the best (they need to sit at a higher elevation). 
We are about to wrap it up— approaching 9.00 pm. The sun had set some 30 minutes ago.

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